Activities & Workshop

Guest Lecture

Date : 16/02/2022

Time : 11:00 AM
Venue : Auditorium
Name of Guest Speaker : Dr. Rajan Kulkarni, HOD and Professor, Department Of Kayachikitsa, Ayurved Seva Sangh’s Ayurved Mahavidyalay,                                                        Panchavati-Nashik
Topic : Scope of Ayurved in Abroad
No. of students Present : 41

Faculty Development Programme

Research Programmes

  1. Advanced Research Methodology Workshop
  2. Intellectual Property Rights Workshop

Seminar / Webinars

  1. National Webinar: A Panchakarma Lecture Series
  2. 2 Days Seminar on Thyroid Disorders – Ayurved & Modern Aspect
  3. Alumni Meet 2023 (Detailed Report)

4. Department of Panchakarma organised a webinar; Shirodhara in Clinical Practice.

5. Ayurved Janjagruti Rally and Role Play Act 

“National Ayurveda Day 2023 Rally” was organized by MES Ayurved Mahavidyalaya,Ghanekhunt-Lote on 3rd November 2023 on the occasion of “National Ayurveda Day” Week 2023. The rally started from Ghanekhunt Gram Panchayat at 9 am. Students, teachers and non-teaching staff were actively participated for the rally. On this occasion, students created awareness about Ayurveda by making announcements and holding posters. The rally ended with a street play act. Before that Dr.Vinod Gir falicited the Respected Voice Principal Dr.Sachin Utpat and the Sarapancha of Ghanekhunt Grampanchayat with flowers. The first year BAMS students presented a street play on topic “Ritucharya & millets” in front of the people of the village. After that, Vaidya Sachin Utpat sir gave news bite about the importance of National Ayurveda Day and awareness to common people.  Dr.Vinod Gir gave a vote of thanks to all staff of MESAM and to the Sarpanch of Ghanekhunt Grampanchayat for given permission to organize this rally at Ghanekhunt Village After that with some snack and tea the program was ended.

Sr. No.

Date Name of Topic

Presented By

1. 29/04/2022 Shatkriyakala in pathogenesis of Surgical Diseases Dr. Neha Patil
2. 06/05/2022 Acute Appendicitis Dr. Payal Gaddamwar
3. 13/05/2022 Indirect Inguinal Hernia Dr. Rushda Karjikar
4. 20/05/2022 Indirect complete Inguinal Hernia (आंत्रवृद्धी) Dr. Neha Patil
5. 27/05/2022 Non-healing Wound (दृष्टव्रण) Dr. Payal Gaddamwar
6. 03/06/2022 Cellulitis Dr. Rushda Karjikar
7. 10/06/2022 Fibroadenoma Dr. Rushda Karjikar
8. 17/06/2022 Phimosis Dr. Neha Patil
9. 24/06/2022 Diabetic Foot Dr. Payal Gaddamwar
10. 01/07/2022 Colle’s Fracture Dr. Neha Patil
11. 08/07/2022 Fracture Neck of femur Dr. Rushda Karjikar
12. 15/07/2022 Fracture greater tuberosity of Humerus Dr. Neha Patil
13. 05/08/2022 Acute Appendicitis Dr. Neha Patil
14. 26/08/2022 Lipoma Dr. Payal Gaddamwar
15. 03/09/2022 Umbilical Hernia Dr. Rushda Karjikar
16. 09/09/2022 Hydrocele Dr. Neha Patil
17. 16/09/2022 Fistula-in-ano Dr. Payal Gaddamwar
18. 30/09/2022 Ksharsutra Dr. Rushda Karjikar
19. 14/10/2022 Frozen Shoulder Dr. Neha Patil
20. 21/10/2022 Haemorrhoids Dr. Payal Gaddamwar
21. 11/11/2022 Fissure in Ano Dr. Rushda Karjikar
22. 25/11/2022 Bandha Dr. Payal Gaddamwar
23. 09/12/2022 Agnikarma Dr. Rushda Karjikar
24. 23/12/2022 Marma Sharir Dr. Neha Patil
25. 29/12/2022 Case Presentation of Inguinal Hernia Dr. Payal Gaddamwar
26. 06/01/2023 Examination of Uncers Dr. Neha Patil
27. 20/01/2023 Raktamokshan Dr. Payal Gaddamwar
28. 02/02/2023 Ischio-rectal Abscess Dr. Rushda Karjikar
29. 03/02/2023 Ganglion Cyst Dr. Payal Gaddamwar
30. 10/03/2023 Sebaceous Cyst Dr. Rushda Karjikar
31. 20/06/2023 Trividha, shadvidha, asthavidha and Dashvidha pariksha Dr. Ganesh Kate
32. 27/06/2023 Types of chikitsa, antaparimarjan and bahiparimarjan chikitsa Dr. Rutuja Darekar
33. 12/07/2023 Principles of chikitsa,dwividha,  shadvidha upakramas,shatkriyakala Dr. Shrutika Bhand
34. 22/07/2023 Case Presentation – Dhara Sweda Dr. Rutuja Darekar
35. 06/01/2023 Examination of Ulcers Dr. Neha Patil
36. 20/01/2023 Raktamokshan Dr. Payal Gaddamwar
37. 02/02/2023 Ischio-rectal Abscess Dr. Rushda Karjikar
38. 03/02/2023 Ganglion Cyst Dr. Payal Gaddamwar
39. 10/03/2023 Sebaceous Cyst Dr. Rushda Karjikar
40. 12/06/2023 Non-healing wound Dr. Umesh Paikrao
41. 13/06/2023 Non Healing Wound Dr. Kapil Rathod
42. 14/06/2023 Renal calculi Dr. Harshala Patil
43. 15/06/2023 Non-healing Wound Dr. Niraj Adhe
44. 30/06/2023 Peripheral Vascular Disease Examination Dr. Umesh Paikrao
45. 06/10/2023 Examination of Sinus & Fistula Dr. Neha Patil
46. 03/11/2023 Examination of Varicose Veins Dr. Payal Gaddamwar

Workshop /CME Programmes

Details of any Continuous Medical Education (CME) programmes, conferences and/or any academic activities conducted by the institution;

  1. Professional Development Training Programme
  2. Administrative Training Programme
  3. Transitional Curriculum Workshop 2022 – 23
  4. Transitional Curriculum Workshop 2023 – 24
  5. CME organized on 25 August 2016 focusing on ‘Emergency in General Practice’ by Dr. Deore Sarika
  6. CME organized on 24 January 2017 focusing on ‘Gestational Diabetes; Modern & Ayurvedic Review’ by Dr. Ajayraj Bal and Dr. Vrushali Dakhode.
  7. Various extra curricular activities are being conducted through Board of Extra Mural Activities like Communication Skill development, Stress Management, Disaster Management, Woman Empowerment and Environment Awareness, etc.