Capability Enhancement & Development Scheme

“MES Capability Enhancement & Development Scheme” Year (2023-2024)

MES Capability Enhancement and Development Scheme works to enhance student’s inbuilt capability and to prepare them for a better employment. These programs will be conducted throughout the year by different agencies. Various programs, activities, workshops, hand-on training etc.  are categorized under following seven heads:

  1. Soft skills Development
  2. Language & Communication skills
  3. Yoga and Wellness
  4. Analytical skill development
  5. Human Value development
  6. Personality and Professional Development
  7. Employability skill Development.

Capability enhancement schemes aim at giving necessary orientation to the students to prepare them for a better employment and to give them necessary guidance and motivation that enables them to identify appropriate areas for higher studies and employment.

As we all know, the development of soft skills, communication and interaction with patients, colleagues, superiors or subordinates, along with professional development of a student are few of the factors needed to be focused on along with the academic development of a student to bring about the individual and thus the organization up to the level of expertise to meet the competition and turn them to be the responsible social citizen.

To achieve the same goal, we have scheduled a yearlong calendar of various Capability enhancement and development scheme programs.


  1. Help students meet the level of expertise in their skills through effective nurturing and enhancement of their skills.
  2. To improve their communication and interaction.
  3. Prepare students for the excellence in employment.
  4. Providing them with necessary guidance, motivation and support to develop their overall personality.
  5. To create an awareness for responsibilities of a social citizen.
  6. To create the quality assets of the organization.

Duration of the program: 1st August 2023 to 31st July 2024.

Policy of MES Capability Enhancement and Development Scheme