Parshuram Ayurved Pharmacy (Teaching Pharmacy)


Parshuram Ayurved Pharmacy is a teaching pharmacy in MES Ayurved Mahavidyalaya located at Ghanekhunt lote, Khed, Ratnagiri. Pharmacy works as department for in house medicine production for the patients of Parshuram Hospital and Research centre. In Parshuram Ayurved Pharmacy various Ayurveda medicines like Churnas, Guti-vati, Guggul kalpa, Medictaed oils and ghrit, Avalehas, lepas, Bhasma, Kupipakwa Rasayana are prepared routinely. For the undergraduate and postgraduate students pharmacy is teaching entity.

Pharmacy has infrastructure with well facilities and modern equipments. It also has separate manufacturing sections for different medicines. All the raw drugs are pre processed and stored properly in raw drug section. A separate manufacturing unit for guti-vati, Avaleha, Taila preparations and quality control laboratory for the drug quality assurance is specialty of our pharmacy.


  • Well equipped infrastructure
  • Modern equipments
  • Well trained working staff
  • Quality products

Vision of Pharmacy:

  • Manufacturing of genuine Ayurveda medicines affordable to all the classes of society
  • Preparation of medicines with available natural herbal drugs in the Kokan region predominantly for the peoples of Kokan region.


  • FDA approval and GMP certified pharmacy for teaching purpose and manufacturing quality products.
  • Drug development with low cost and high efficacy
  • Develop various rare pharmaceutical techniques with modern contemporary
  • Preparations of classical formulations for the student’s encouragement in practical knowledge

About Pharmacy:

1 Area of Pharmacy 132.96 Sq. M.
2 No of Medicines Prepared Regularly 45

Pharmacy Staff:

Sr. No. Name of Staff Designation
1 Dr. Kasture Vikas V Pharmacy Superintendent
2 Dr. Mane Amitkumar S. Assistant Pharmacy Superintendent
3 Dr. Patil Vidula Amit Assistant Pharmacy Superintendent
4 Miss. Vishakha Patil Pharmacagnosist
5 Miss. Sankita Tatkare Analytical Chemist
6 Mr. Patane Ajay S. Worker
7 Mrs. Sakpal Samiksha Worker
8 Mr. Gavali Sandeep D. Peon