1. Parshuram Rural Health Program

To maintain the societal bonding, MES institute had a vision of developing health and educational facilities for the people of rural Konkan. Hence to provide high standard medical facilities and to produce well trained health professionals, MESIHS began this highly ambitious Parshuram Rural Health Development Campaign.

  • In order to make its pathway more and more societal MESIHS has started various programmes. Parshuram Rural Health Development Campaign began since 2012 from the Hospital.

Aims & Objectives of Parshuram Rural Health Development Campaign:

  1. Organizing various types of free health camps
  2. Training the health care workers under ‘Continuous Training Policy’ guidelines and creating health awareness among rural people through the health workers.
  3. Informing the people regarding health policy and making it possible for the patient avail standard health care facilities at the best affordable cost through this policy
  4. Parshuram Child Development Centre
  5. Health assessment of school children under the WHO guidelines
  6. To begin health related government policies in the hospital
  7. Providing advanced technological facilities as well as Ayurveda and Panchkarma treatment for the betterment of public health
  8. Reaching out to the unreached and providing information regarding availability of high standard and cost effective medical facilities that are being provided in the hospital
  9. Yoga Training and Treatment center

2. Parshuram Child Development Centre – Boon to malnourished children

  • Malnourished children between 0 – 6 age groups are being admitted in the hospital for about 21 days and 6 – 8 times nutritive diet is provided to them in order to develop their growth and development factors
  • All the hospital health care staff as well as students actively participate in this programme
  • This programme is regularly incorporated in Parshuram Hospital
  • Present objective : making Khed Talukas and Panchkroshi malnutrition free

3. Maternal Protection Centre:

  • Parshuram Hospital is recognized as an authorized center for maternal protection

4. Family Planning (Tubal Ligation)  Surgery Centre

  • Parshuram hospital is authorized to conduct surgeries in relation to family planning and these are conducted either free of cost or at less possible cost

5. MTP Center

  • Parshuram hospital is authorized to conduct Medical Termination of Pregnancy (up to 12 weeks)

6. Anganwadi Assessment

  • Organized under NRHM guidelines
  • Expert doctors from Parshuram Hospital conduct health assessment for 80 – 100 children and also give them necessary treatment
  • About 2500 children are treated in about an year’s time

7. Health Camp at PHC & SUB CENTER

  • Diagnoses and treatment camps are conducted at Dapoli, Chiplun, Mandangad, Khed, Guhagar Talukas of Ratnagiri District
  • Expert doctors from Parshuram Hospital assess and diagnose disorders among people and give appropriate treatment
  • Approximatly 70  people attend each health camp and are benefitted

8. Blindness Eradication Programme.

  • Every week the Eye Specialist conducts and attend camps at most rural and unreached areas surrounding the hospital and assess the patients attending the camp.
  • Patients diagnosed with cataract in the camp are surgically treated in the Parshuram Hospital at most reasonable cost.

Cataract surgeries:

  • Blindness Eradication Programme has been started on large basis under the guidance of Netra Jyoti Foundation , Miraj.
  • Every Friday eye specialist of Parshuram hospital and eye specialist of Netra Jyoti Foundation , Miraj , conduct Eye surgeries at Parshuram Hospital
  • About 50 surgeries are conduct every month at Parshuram hospital
  • Nearest future objective: every month 150 surgeries

9. Swasthvrutta

  • Yoga has proved to be highly effective not only in keeping an individual healthy and free from all diseases but also maintaining the physical and mental balance
  • Yoga comprises of various Asanas, Pranayama, Bandh, Mudras, Dhyan (Meditation) and Shudhikriya. Hatyogi Asanas prove their existence dated 100 years back in the Indian history. Asanas make the body active and flexible. Meditation and Pranayama not only increases our concentration but also keeps us blissful and stressful as well as improves our digestion
  • Treatment as well as guidance and counselling is given to the patients admitted in the hospital
  • Yoga orientation camps are organized for patients, students and also for all rural people of different groups.

10. School Health Checkups

  • Attending the neighbouring schools and conducting health checkup of school children of different age groups has been the most pleasured activity of Parshuram Hospital.
  • Organized and conducted based on WHO guidelines
  • On regular basis assessment is done for every single student due to which information regarding student’s health and its progress or development is generated.
  • Students, teachers and parents are given appropriate guidance on Ayurvedic diet and treatment

11. IPF Schemes

Scheme for treatment of Indigent & Weaker Section Patient

  • MES AM Parshuram Hospital runs IPF Policy under the provision of the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 under which 10% of beds are reserved for the Indigent & 10% for Weaker Section
  • MES AM Parshuram Hospital Provide following non billable service free to the Indigent Patient & as well as Concessional rates are given to Weaker Section Patient
  • Bed
  • RMO / RSO Services
  • Nursing care
  • Linen
  • Water & Electricity
  • Routine Diagnostics
  • House Keeping Services
  • Ambulance Services
  • Medicines